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Who are we? This is a list of people who are helping with OpenRex Community project and who are interested about this project. The following list is in alphabetical order.

  • Adrian (considering to use OpenRex in University Airship project)
  • Angel (helping us to talk to NXP)
  • Ben (helping us to talk to Altium)
  • George (interested to help with development)
  • Guillermo (helping with WEB ↔ MCU interface)
  • Jordi (OpenRex would not exists without him)
  • Marek (helping with software development)
  • Martin (Martin designed OpenRex board)
  • Max
  • Marian (helping with software development)
  • Miroslav
  • Nika (graphic designer, helped with the pictures)
  • Piotr
  • Pavol (helping with manufacturing the OpenRex)
  • Rafael (interested to help with development)
  • Robert Feranec (doing a little bit of everything)
  • Robert Z (interested to help with development)
  • Sarah (looking to develop a CNC controller)
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