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Mailing Lists

OpenRex Education Project is coordinated through Mailing lists. We use open source software called Mailman.

Why to register to a mailing list and how it works?

Many people prefer communication through email. Mailing list is similar to a chat or forum. You subscribe for a list, but instead of posting on a website, you simply send an email to [LISTNAME] Everyone who subscribed to the list will receive your email. If you would like to react, simply “Replay” to a particular email. Emails are automatically sorted and accessible through Archive website (you can find the link to Archive on particular list page - just click on the List name in the table below). Archive is useful, as if you join a mailing list later, you can easily track back a discussion about particular subject.

If a list is PRIVATE, it means, that only list members will receive your emails and only members have access to the Archive.

The lists

List name Type Description
Community Private Get in touch with OpenRex Education Community and Teams
Developers Private Discussion of developers working on OpenRex Education Project

Note: Mailing list types

  • Public - Discussion can be read by search engines and unregistered users
  • Private - Discussion is private and available only for registered users
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