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Mailing Lists

OpenRex Education Project is coordinated through Mailing lists. We use open source software called Mailman.

Why to register to a mailing list and how it works?

Many people prefer communication through email. Mailing list is similar to a chat or forum, but when you subscribe, instead of posting on a website, you simply send an email to [LISTNAME] Everyone who is member of the list will receive your email. If you would like to react, simply “Replay” to a particular email.

Emails are automatically sorted and accessible through Archive website. You can find the link to Archive on particular list page - just click on the List name in the table below. Archive is useful, as if you join a mailing list later, you can easily track back a discussion about particular subject.

PRIVACY: If a list is “Private”, it means, that only list members will receive your emails and only members have access to the Archive.


To subscribe, simply click on a list name and follow instructions. If you are new in the community, we recommend you to subscribe for Community list, but you can subscribe to all of them :-)

List name Type Description
Community Private Get in touch with OpenRex Education Community and Teams
Developers Private Discussion of developers working on OpenRex Education Project

Note: Mailing list types

  • Public - Discussion can be read by search engines and unregistered users
  • Private - Discussion is private and available only for registered users
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