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Welcome to OpenRex Education community.

This page is intended to help you find places where you can contribute to OpenRex Education Project and get a warm fuzzy feeling for doing something wonderful. Some things you can do on your own, while others are better suited to team work.

How to join the community?

Simply subscribe for our Community mailing list. Initially, you can just watch / read the discussions and when you are ready and you feel you could help, join the conversation. Anything you will contribute with, is a huge help. There is a lot of things what you can choose from, it’s not only hardware design or software development, but you can correct spelling mistakes, help with graphics or promotion of OpenRex Education Project.

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What can you help with?

Management, Leadership

OpenRex Education is a very large project and we would be very happy to welcome in the community someone who could help with managing the tasks which need to be done, who would love to see the project spread around the world and who would come up with ideas how to move the project ahead.


The user documentation is always in need of wiki gardening. Even if you only have OpenRex for a short time there is much to do.

  • Correct spelling mistakes
  • Translate pages to your local language
  • Make sure recent development changes are documented and if not, document them or remind the developers who did the changes to document them.
  • Search for FIXME, try to fix them

Spread The Word

Help building the community. Promote OpenRex Education Kit and invite other people to get involved.

  • Add items to blogroll & press reviews
  • Blog about OpenRex
  • Answer questions on the forum
  • Share your experience on Facebook or Twitter
  • Use #openrexkit hashtag
  • Write stuff for the newsletter


We are always looking for more developers who help to create tutorials & examples, design hardware, write software, fix bugs, clean up the code or implement new features. Don't forget to subscribe to the Developers mailing list.

  • Work on one of the ideas for new tutorials and examples
  • Don't be shy, talk to us—we don't bite. If you are still not sure, just send email to

Graphics Designers

Our goal is not only to create great hardware and software, but also to have everything look nice. For that we need wizards with sense for awesome graphic and design. We often have requirements for custom pictures, icons or need help with making website visually nice. Larger tasks are rare, but happen once in a while.

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